WIPs, finishes and new toy

I’ve been trying very hard to keep the crojo going. Have not been the happiest in life lately and it’s putting a strain on my crafts… Nonetheless I keep hooking because the stitch counting is calming me down, although I haven’t been stitching as long as I usually would in one sitting…

First up, granny square galore. My bestie and her husband have moved to Melbourne and I decided no house is a home without a crocheted blanket. Besides Melbourne gets cold right? So this is going to be perfect for when I go visit them in a couple of months. Pattern from Jan Eaton’s book.

I subscribe to Crate Crochet, and this month we have Jenny King designs and her yarn. The yarn is not the easiest to work with but the outcome is definitely interesting. I quite like the look of it and it now lives on my filter bottle at work. It’s supposed to be a water sling but I’d never wear it so I neglected the strap.

I also got my hands on some new yarn that has been proven to pool and I’m finally trying my hands on planned pooling. I’ve only just started so the pattern hasn’t shown yet but hopefully as I go on it’ll work out. This is my third attempt at planned pooling, I want it to work. This website is super handy though, once you’ve watched the video, getting the pattern you want becomes simple.

Finally I decided to get a yarn swift. I’ve been debating about getting one. I don’t usually buy hanks but I do already have 20 hanks of cotton and winding them is a chore since I need to manually unwind it with an upside down chair. Now it’s a breeze! It’s not the prettiest thing but it works. Also got a blocking board for squares and it should arrive this week. And I got some cross stitch goodness that’s coming my way soon as well… (I shop craft when I’m upset, oh well)

Finished – drawstring bag

Free hand made this drawstring bag, no pattern, using Spotty’s new spot saver yarn. Quite nice to work with. Decided to make a little bag for quick outings so I’m not always using my big bag and this took 2 days of several hours in hooking time. Originally this was going to be tapestry crochet but I counted wrong which threw off the whole design so I scrapped it. 

This turned out very good though and I’m happy with it😊

Feline assistants appreciation post

Two weeks since we’ve completely moved in, and the kitties are all settled in and happy as can be.

Happy snaps of kitties “trying to help”.

Here’s Nomi sitting in one of my WIP baskets, dozing off and what not.

Here’s Leeloo forcing my feet off the footrest because she must sit there, so in revenge I put my square on her head. She didn’t care about her new headwear though.

And I’ve finally sewed the panels on the cushions and they are ready to go to my friend as her birthday present. Hope she likes them

Oh big spender

After the op shop adventure on Saturday, I made my way to Spotlight yesterday because I needed a hand sewing machine to sew the crocheted cushion covers on the cushions. Of course I left with more stuff than that. 

Instead of leaving with one thing, I left with 15 balls of yarn, 2 aidas, floss wider and organiser box, and new floss. Because I’m a terrible human being who just can’t stop buying more for the stash. 

Spent a couple of hours winding up the old DMC that I’ve had for years before adding new stuff. Now I know why people wind their floss, it’s satisfying to look at. 

Also decided to use black fabric for the next small project and the lesson here is, I need better lighting in the room for black cloth stitching. 

And in case you didn’t pick it from there floss box picture, I finished the floor rug yesterday. Still need to get some anti slip mat for it but it’s too pretty to not go on the floor now. 

Op shop finds are the best

Went op shopping this morning and boy did I find some goodies! Got a whole new range of op shops now that I’ve moved to a new location. Scored some pretty sweet stuff this morning. 

This lap table. The floor rug is getting bigger since it’s almost done and it’s been overheating my legs a lot since it’s super hot in QLD at the moment. This is not keeping the rug off my legs and has the added benefit of easy removal when I need to move when keeping everything together. Just fantastic!

Also scored some cotton and yarn, as well as crochet hooks. Been meaning to try doily making so the threads will get some use soon. And a relica milk jug thing since I’m collection country looking goods for my lovely little home. 

This bunch of threads for $4. Some of them are the same colour so I guess my doilies could grow big when I get to it. 

Best find of the day. This was brand new in box for $15. I’ve been thinking about buying one of them and finding one at a quarter of the price is just wonderful. Now I can stitch with both hands!

WIP update – floor rug and cross stitch

First up temperature cross stitch, now 2 months complete. Can’t believe it’s been 2 months since I bought my first home and now I’m living in it. It’s been a hot summer in Brisbane too!

I started a floor rug yesterday and I’m already up to the last colour gradient change. Decided to make this initially for the craft room but between the ottoman and the rug I may have too many things in the floor, so this rug may end up in the living room instead but we’ll see. The cats haven’t been lounging around on the floor as much and I suspect it’s because it’s hardwood floors compared to the carpet at the old house. So this rug should appease them haha

Latest updates

So between finishing the move, getting the craft room together and running out of data on the phone when internet at home is getting connected, lots of things have happened. 

Craft chair and little table are moved in and my big desk will get set up this weekend. 

Internet is finally connected at home!

Starting making placemats for my first ever dining table. Keen eye will see that this is based on the heart to heart afghan that I previously did. 

Got some Spotty mill ends in cakes. These feel nicer than the Caron Cake I was previously given and these are getting turned into a ottoman cover. 

This is the old ottoman I’ve had for a while. It’s pretty beat up since the cats like to scratch it. Making a C2C cover for the whole thing. Top is already done just need to make the sides now. 

Since I’m running out of time to finish the mandala madness for my friend’s birthday, I’ve decided to make cushions for her instead. Instead of making covers and use inserts, I bought some navy blue cushions and made front panels to sew them on. Turned out pretty well!

Finally almost 2 months complete for the temperature cross stitch. It’s been hot in Brisbane!

Craft room coming together

So most of the renovation is done and we’ve starting moving into the new house. This is all the yarn I have, minus a few balls that are with my WIPs. 

Put the cube together and it’s not as big as I thought it would be, probably gonna need to buy another one to fill the gap on the right. 

So this is all the pretties put up. 2 massive yarn packs at the top that don’t fit in the cubes. Starting from the top are bags of mill ends and some of the baby blankets I made, plus my sewing box. Top row cubes are filled with baby and sport weight yarn. Second is mostly my Paintbox DK, except the BWM cotton balls which are 4 ply. Third row are worsted weight and last is all the bulky yarn, spaghetti yarn or jumbo size balls. 

Soon my craft table and chair will be moved in, along with the desk and all my WIPs. 

Crochet blocks!

The book finally arrived! 200 crochet blocks has so many pretty patterns inside and I couldn’t wait to finally try out the willow block. Randomly picked up 3 colours from my Paintbox yarn pack and hey it looks like cherry ripe right? That’s what I’m gonna call it now haha. 

Once I finish the Mandala and I might make so many pretty squares and turn them into cushions and maybe even another blanket!

WIP – Mandala Madness update

Part 4 is finally done. I got frustrated with it in the last few rounds because it felt like I wasn’t making any progress at all. It’s now sitting at exactly 50cm and I’m debating whether or not to make it into a footrest instead of the floor cushion I had planned… I might not have enough time before the birthday in 4 weeks since I still have to make it bigger then the base and side.