WIPs and other things

Autumn is finally here in Brisbane, and poor Leeloo looked like she was a bit cold this morning, so I whipped up a little jumper for her to wear. She has already gotten out of it but she seems to be relatively happy wearing it. At least she’s not complaining about being cold.

I also started making the Alicia Rug, I’ve finished it to the designed size but I’ve decided to make it bigger since my lounge room is quite big. But I’ve run out of yarn so I haven’t finished it yet.
I’ve also been testing two patterns which was why I haven’t written anything lately… Can’t post pictures before the pattern is release but oh gosh the pieces are pretty! One’s a cape and the other is a shawl, perfectly timed for winter haha

Feline assistants appreciation post

Two weeks since we’ve completely moved in, and the kitties are all settled in and happy as can be.

Happy snaps of kitties “trying to help”.

Here’s Nomi sitting in one of my WIP baskets, dozing off and what not.

Here’s Leeloo forcing my feet off the footrest because she must sit there, so in revenge I put my square on her head. She didn’t care about her new headwear though.

And I’ve finally sewed the panels on the cushions and they are ready to go to my friend as her birthday present. Hope she likes them

Sewing again

I haven’t sewn anything for over 10 years since I left my sewing machine with my parents and I couldn’t justify buying a new one in Australia. After returning to Hong Kong from our Japan trip, my mum requested a dog sling so she can carry her toy poodle around. The poor pup has terrible anxiety and likes to be close to Mum, but she’s gained weight since her adoption and she’s getting heavier to carry. 

So I broke out my old trusty sewing machine from my secondary school days and sewed one for my mum using fabric that she bought when she thought she could attempt making it herself (which then subsequently sat in a cupboard for 6 months). Here is my sister really modelling it. I took a good photo. 

Here’s the side view. 

Here’s the front view. 

I pretty much just sewn the ends together strongly and added two bits of fabric on either sides to create more of a cradle. It worked out pretty good and now I’m tempted to buy a sewing machine when I return to Australia on Sunday… we’ll see. 

Side note, please consider all factors before you obtain a pet and please always consider adoption first. I adopted my 2 cats and my mum adopted all her pets. My 2 fur babies were relatively lucky as they didn’t have a terrible past but my Mum’s pets had. They’ve been neglected or abused or abandoned. Pets are commitments for life, they may only be a part of your life but to them, you’re their whole life. Please love your animals.