Some finished WIPs

I finally finished the shawl I started last year, it is now a huge biased shawl with wonderful drape. The colours are a bit fuller than I thought but it is a darker colour yarn and it’s still nice.

I also finished my cocoon but I haven’t taken a full body photo yet. It’s quite heavy now but the cotton is very smooth and soft to wear.

There’s still a bit left with testing that TC blanket pattern and I really should get it done.

Gift given!

As you may recall I finished this blanket a while ago as a house warming gift to my friends who have just moved back to the country to Melbourne. I was down there visiting on the weekend and finally gave it to them.


It somehow happened to have matched they decorating colours which is really lucky because I finished the blanket before they finished furnishing the apartment. It was the perfect size for their couch and they said it’s quite warm. I am super glad that it works out so well.

I’m still testing patterns currently so there won’t be any progress pictures for a while. But the good news is I’ve been approached to do tutorial videos for someone so hopefully we’ll get those details ironed out soon!

WIPs and more pattern testing!

I’ve started testing another Tunisian crochet pattern and this time it’s a square blanket. Obviously can’t post pictures of that yet, but I recently received a free sock pattern from Made for you by Fi because I tested a pattern urgently for her. I frogged the planned pooling blanket I started because I just cannot get the stitches even enough to pool nicely so they are now gonna be socks instead! The stripes are working out nicely. Slow going since it’s SC all the way and it’s going to be knee high, but it’s a sampler pattern so I’m very excited about how it will turn out!

Completes! Get hooking!

Still can’t post pictures of the patterns I tested but I got a few other finishes now.

Made this lapghan with baby chenille for my use when at my friend’s house. As cozy as this thing is, boy was it not fun to work with it! Can’t see the stitches at all… But it is cuddly and I now know I don’t like chenille.

Finally finished the border for the blanket that I finished joining ages ago because I was busy testing. Which is good because I booked tickets to fly down to Melbourne early July! It’s so pretty though…

And this was a pattern from subscription box from Crate Crochet. The merino is very soft and I loved the colour I was sent. I made my own pom pom as well and the whole thing is very cute 

WIP – temperature cross stitch

I’ve been a busy little bee, testing 2 crochet pattern back to back. Of course I can’t share any of those yet since the patterns are not released, but I’ve found some time to update my temperature cross stitch over the weekend. 

I’m still few days off from being completely up to date but since I haven’t written anything here for a month I figured I might as well post a progress picture.

You can see the temperature dropped a bit as soon as Australia hit the autumn months. The day time is still quite warm but there’s definitely a chill in the mornings and evenings. Can’t wait till winter is here so I can use the crocheted items I did for test!

WIPs and other things

Autumn is finally here in Brisbane, and poor Leeloo looked like she was a bit cold this morning, so I whipped up a little jumper for her to wear. She has already gotten out of it but she seems to be relatively happy wearing it. At least she’s not complaining about being cold.

I also started making the Alicia Rug, I’ve finished it to the designed size but I’ve decided to make it bigger since my lounge room is quite big. But I’ve run out of yarn so I haven’t finished it yet.
I’ve also been testing two patterns which was why I haven’t written anything lately… Can’t post pictures before the pattern is release but oh gosh the pieces are pretty! One’s a cape and the other is a shawl, perfectly timed for winter haha

WIPs, finishes and new toy

I’ve been trying very hard to keep the crojo going. Have not been the happiest in life lately and it’s putting a strain on my crafts… Nonetheless I keep hooking because the stitch counting is calming me down, although I haven’t been stitching as long as I usually would in one sitting…

First up, granny square galore. My bestie and her husband have moved to Melbourne and I decided no house is a home without a crocheted blanket. Besides Melbourne gets cold right? So this is going to be perfect for when I go visit them in a couple of months. Pattern from Jan Eaton’s book.

I subscribe to Crate Crochet, and this month we have Jenny King designs and her yarn. The yarn is not the easiest to work with but the outcome is definitely interesting. I quite like the look of it and it now lives on my filter bottle at work. It’s supposed to be a water sling but I’d never wear it so I neglected the strap.

I also got my hands on some new yarn that has been proven to pool and I’m finally trying my hands on planned pooling. I’ve only just started so the pattern hasn’t shown yet but hopefully as I go on it’ll work out. This is my third attempt at planned pooling, I want it to work. This website is super handy though, once you’ve watched the video, getting the pattern you want becomes simple.

Finally I decided to get a yarn swift. I’ve been debating about getting one. I don’t usually buy hanks but I do already have 20 hanks of cotton and winding them is a chore since I need to manually unwind it with an upside down chair. Now it’s a breeze! It’s not the prettiest thing but it works. Also got a blocking board for squares and it should arrive this week. And I got some cross stitch goodness that’s coming my way soon as well… (I shop craft when I’m upset, oh well)

Finished – drawstring bag

Free hand made this drawstring bag, no pattern, using Spotty’s new spot saver yarn. Quite nice to work with. Decided to make a little bag for quick outings so I’m not always using my big bag and this took 2 days of several hours in hooking time. Originally this was going to be tapestry crochet but I counted wrong which threw off the whole design so I scrapped it. 

This turned out very good though and I’m happy with it😊