WIPs, finishes and new toy

I’ve been trying very hard to keep the crojo going. Have not been the happiest in life lately and it’s putting a strain on my crafts… Nonetheless I keep hooking because the stitch counting is calming me down, although I haven’t been stitching as long as I usually would in one sitting…

First up, granny square galore. My bestie and her husband have moved to Melbourne and I decided no house is a home without a crocheted blanket. Besides Melbourne gets cold right? So this is going to be perfect for when I go visit them in a couple of months. Pattern from Jan Eaton’s book.

I subscribe to Crate Crochet, and this month we have Jenny King designs and her yarn. The yarn is not the easiest to work with but the outcome is definitely interesting. I quite like the look of it and it now lives on my filter bottle at work. It’s supposed to be a water sling but I’d never wear it so I neglected the strap.

I also got my hands on some new yarn that has been proven to pool and I’m finally trying my hands on planned pooling. I’ve only just started so the pattern hasn’t shown yet but hopefully as I go on it’ll work out. This is my third attempt at planned pooling, I want it to work. This website is super handy though, once you’ve watched the video, getting the pattern you want becomes simple.

Finally I decided to get a yarn swift. I’ve been debating about getting one. I don’t usually buy hanks but I do already have 20 hanks of cotton and winding them is a chore since I need to manually unwind it with an upside down chair. Now it’s a breeze! It’s not the prettiest thing but it works. Also got a blocking board for squares and it should arrive this week. And I got some cross stitch goodness that’s coming my way soon as well… (I shop craft when I’m upset, oh well)


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