Feline assistants appreciation post

Two weeks since we’ve completely moved in, and the kitties are all settled in and happy as can be.

Happy snaps of kitties “trying to help”.

Here’s Nomi sitting in one of my WIP baskets, dozing off and what not.

Here’s Leeloo forcing my feet off the footrest because she must sit there, so in revenge I put my square on her head. She didn’t care about her new headwear though.

And I’ve finally sewed the panels on the cushions and they are ready to go to my friend as her birthday present. Hope she likes them


3 thoughts on “Feline assistants appreciation post

  1. Gorgeous helpers. My helper went through my ribbon stash for me overnight – coming down to a sea of pretty colours was very pretty and I found a reel I’d forgotten I had, but I did have to have a cuppa before I could face it

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