Op shop finds are the best

Went op shopping this morning and boy did I find some goodies! Got a whole new range of op shops now that I’ve moved to a new location. Scored some pretty sweet stuff this morning. 

This lap table. The floor rug is getting bigger since it’s almost done and it’s been overheating my legs a lot since it’s super hot in QLD at the moment. This is not keeping the rug off my legs and has the added benefit of easy removal when I need to move when keeping everything together. Just fantastic!

Also scored some cotton and yarn, as well as crochet hooks. Been meaning to try doily making so the threads will get some use soon. And a relica milk jug thing since I’m collection country looking goods for my lovely little home. 

This bunch of threads for $4. Some of them are the same colour so I guess my doilies could grow big when I get to it. 

Best find of the day. This was brand new in box for $15. I’ve been thinking about buying one of them and finding one at a quarter of the price is just wonderful. Now I can stitch with both hands!


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