Latest updates

So between finishing the move, getting the craft room together and running out of data on the phone when internet at home is getting connected, lots of things have happened. 

Craft chair and little table are moved in and my big desk will get set up this weekend. 

Internet is finally connected at home!

Starting making placemats for my first ever dining table. Keen eye will see that this is based on the heart to heart afghan that I previously did. 

Got some Spotty mill ends in cakes. These feel nicer than the Caron Cake I was previously given and these are getting turned into a ottoman cover. 

This is the old ottoman I’ve had for a while. It’s pretty beat up since the cats like to scratch it. Making a C2C cover for the whole thing. Top is already done just need to make the sides now. 

Since I’m running out of time to finish the mandala madness for my friend’s birthday, I’ve decided to make cushions for her instead. Instead of making covers and use inserts, I bought some navy blue cushions and made front panels to sew them on. Turned out pretty well!

Finally almost 2 months complete for the temperature cross stitch. It’s been hot in Brisbane!


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