WIP – temperature cross stitch 

It’s been a month since I got keys to our first home, and I’ve completed the first month of the temperature cross stitch. The idea is to record the daily average temperature from the day of settlement (16 Dec 2016) to the first anniversary (15 Dec 2017) and have it framed and put on the living room wall. I know crocheters do temperature blankets every year but frankly I have too many blanket CALs planned as it is and I don’t have enough beds to put them on! So framed cross stitch it became.


Every week I visit BOM and copy down the min/max temperature, then use a spreasheet to average it out, and use conditional formatting to automatically have the colour filled in once the average temp is calculated. Once a month I stitch in the colours, then use white to divide the months and also fill in the days where the month is not 31 days long.

The design for the rest of the stitch is still up in the air, there will be a legend for the colours and the temperature range they refer to, the months will be below each column (maybe), and the words similar to “First Year in our First Home” above the graph. I’m thinking about designing a wooden frame chart to go around the coloured months but that may not work out as well if I want the months below the colour columns so maybe that will change to a border of some sort.




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