This week

This week has been hectic. Everyone is officially back at work so lots of meetings again. House is almost completely painted and bathroom is finally being ripped out and rebuilt. 

Crafting wise

I’ve finished the heart to heart baby blanket using big baby 4 ply double stranded with a 4mm hook. It’s not as long as I wanted it but I ran out of yarn and couldn’t find the same colourway anywhere. So it’s a square now instead of a rectangle as I planned. Still looks great and very cuddly 😊

Big W is having yarn sale but each store has something different on sale and they are not advertised or marked down clearly, so I’ve been treasure hunting in multiple locations trying to find a bargain (and also finding that last ball of pink I needed for baby blanket and failing). Ended up buying lots of Panda variegated yarn and some cuddly Red Heart Aran over the course of a week. 

Then my Deramores order that I placed on Black Friday before Christmas finally arrived.  I ordered a Frida flower pack and a Rose of Avalon vintage pack. Not that I know what I’m gonna do with even more blankets when I’m done but they will be fun to make.  

Lastly, made more progress on the Mandala Madness that I’m converting into a floor cushion for my friend’s birthday in Feb. I have been slack with this because I got frustrated with the wheels in this part but I’ll need to pick up the pace since I still need to make it at least a meter wide (it’s currently 40cm wide) and make a bottom and a side for it to enclose the foam in. 

Then I can finally get back to my Charlotte’s dream 


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