Been so slack

So I’ve arrived back home in Australia a few days ago, I probably did a grand total of 5 squares when I was overseas because I got so bored with daisy squares in the end I didn’t even want to pick up my hook. Note to self, next time I’m travelling I must bring more than 1 WIP. I thought the multiple colours I have planned for the daisy squares would keep me entertained but it didn’t. 

However, because I bought some lovely variegated yarn when I was in Hong Kong, I started an assymetrical shawl and I’m about half way through the skein now. I’ve also started on the brim of my sister’s beanie order. I’m still battling with decisions for my secret santa gift, and after trying 4 different things I still can’t decide on what is the best thing to make for my secret santa gift. 

More excitingly, I’ve placed my first order with BWM for 6 cotton balls and hopefully they will arrive soon! I’ve just put in an offer for a house and it’s been accepted, so if all goes smoothly, this cotton I bought will be for a table cloth for a new dining table that I never had room for before!


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