Completed – neck pillow cover

Been slowly slaving away with this for the past few weeks and it’s finally done in time for my flight this Thursday!

I got a neck pillow for my fight but of course I didn’t think of the fact that the pillow is white and I have purple hair and it will stain. So I decided I was going to make a cover for it. The ripples, whilst easy to do, took much longer than I thought (ripples pattern from Attic24). Then I had to decide how to sew it together, and how to tie the ends together so I can put in a button and tie. 

It worked out ok though. 

I also experimented with how to start a new row. I’ve been using the standard dc start which was chain 3 at the beginning. But that always comes out uneven. So I tried the chainless start, that didn’t work too well either. Tried Felted Button’s no hole turning, and it worked a treat. The edge was straight and I have a flat v to work with instead of trying to push my hook into the chain. I think I might stick with that from now on. 

Now I gotta decide which project to take onto the plane with me. 


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