New yarn! And WIP

I’m bad. I’m really really bad. I’ve been buying yarn pretty much every week, I keep telling myself to not go into a craft shop and not go online but I always buckle and spend more money on yarn. 


I finally went into Lincraft today (there isn’t one near me) and bought 5 big balls of t shirt yarn. I’ve never used them before and I’m a bit excited about them. 

I’m making a rug for where I usually sit on the floor (not more scratchy carpet on bums!) and probably some dog toys for my Mum’s dogs if I have time before I fly out next Thursday. 

I also made an African flower pin cushion today. I’ve finally popped my blocking cherry and blocked the squares I made for testing a MCAL blanket, and I couldn’t be bothered putting all the pins back into the wheel. So I made a pin cushion. I used scrap yarn for it so the colour combo is not the best but it’s got a bit of purple which I love, and it’s nice and quick. 

And the C2C that I started the other day is looking good. I got the cream colour in the wrong weight because who looks at the label right? So instead of having the cream in with the yellows it’s just gonna be yellows now, with a cream edge probably. I think I’m gonna call it banana and cream. I already have a strawberry and cream blanket and I knitted years ago and this works with the fruit and cream theme lol


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