Completed – fingerless gloves

So love the rainbow colours! The granny stitch worked out great. I was going to try my hands on puff stitch but I just couldn’t get them to come out nice and smooth so I canned that and went granny stitch instead. 

Didn’t use a pattern, winged the whole thing. But here’s what I did:

Cuff : back loop only Hdc 12 stitches, as many rows as it take to wrap around the wrist. Join.  

Round of single crochet around the cuff. Join and working in the round from here on in. (I had 36 stitches by now but it might be different for other wrist sizes – keep it multiples of 3 if you can). 

Body: chain 3 and 2dc into the same stitch, skip the next 2 chains, *granny stitch, skip 2 ch*….all the way till the end. Rinse and repeat. Change colour as desired. I did 2 rows of the same colour for 12 rows. 

Thumb hole: I did mine in row 9 but adjust depends on your palm length. Decide where the thumb hole needs to be and chain 5 between granny stitches for it. 

First time I winged a thing and it turned out great. Now onto making other pretties! 


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